Monday, September 4, 2017

Funeral Arrangements and Graveyard Fees

The $500 funeral

Give me all your money!

As residents of the United States and in awareness of the grinding poverty the elderly and disabled experience here in Allen County, Indiana, we are terribly aware of the greed and sheer usury that is represented by the sad sick fact that a modern American funeral costs over $10,000.

What you may not know is that even here in prosperous and wealthy Indiana, 80% of households of people over age 75 are living on fixed incomes of less than $1000 per month.

All people die - and most American families are not rich.  Despite this fact, at the moment of death, a massive corporate funeral industry with the tacit cooperation of the traditional churches and their leaders then inform the grieving survivors that they must now spend or borrow $10,000 to bury Mom or Dad or your dead brother in a graveyard with a Minister and a Marker.

It is appalling.

This is sinful, it is obvious and it systematically robs widows and orphans of the few pennies they have.  I cannot continue to remain silent.  I stand in sacred rage and must bear witness to this unholy injustice being perpetrated on people at the most vulnerable moments of their lives.

I roar in defiance -


So the New Hope Church has acquired the authority and necessary licensing to begin offering a $500 traditional funeral service, including all handling of the remains and necessary staff and materials.

We know as Saviors and Apostles of Christ that miracles can only happen if we take action.  That is how saving the world works.

We do not have to succeed in our Holy Quest, but we are obligated to try.

Effective January, 2018, the New Hope Church is offering full access to our facilities and a non-denominational traditional funeral service that will include any faith traditions that you prefer, performed by an ordained Apostolic Minister indoors or at the gravesite.

Our little church has located several abandoned small graveyards or untillable rural land we can by law use for burial of blessed remains.  We plan to allow funerals and sacred burials beginning in January, 2018.  It will be at our proposed new location in rural Northeast Allen County.

As a licensed church we are allowed to handle cremated remains for appropriate placement in a small coffin suitable for ground burial.

Our staff will assist in the removal and medical donation of your loved one's body that will result in benefits for the living, and within two weeks those remains will be returned in a medically appropriate sealed container following hospital grade cremation.  This service is free to all.

Our prices are as follows:  Assistance with planning or pre-planning, to finalize a firm price for the service and burial, $200.

Land transfer and use fees, grave registration and recording - Indiana.  $100

We offer a 2' by 4' plot of deeded sacred cemetery ground, without maintenance, for $100.  This includes digging the hole and closing the grave.  This will ground-inter approximately 5% of the total cremated remains, the rest remain with you in the custom wood box.

We offer a handmade wooden box for humble burial of your loved one.  Amish made.  $100.  

If you wish to use your own receptacle, human remains handling fee is $50.  

We offer a graveside funeral service in any faith you choose, and/or full New Hope sacramental mass, for an additional $100.   Memorial service in 7 days, No Charge (collection plate)

We offer a limestone tombstone that is 2' X 12", inscribed with name and date.  Handmade of native Indiana limestone.  $200 including seasonal installation. 

Custom carving and scrollwork available, $200 additional.

Extra words, $12 per word.

Any faith or language, Prayer cards and memory basket - you keep. (very nice quality)
Prayers are locally written using classic faith texts and are unique to your loved one.  $150

Total cost will be preset and should be prepaid - for a very nice, dignified celebration of life and death.  Additional services available - prices negotiable.

If you or your family are unable to pay for these modest services, we have church members standing ready to assist you.  No one will be turned away.

As always, our community center space is available for your extended use with a $250 setup and cleanup fee per four hour period.

Yours in Christ, 

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  1. Thank you. You are right, the current practices are appalling - we need more people like you to make a difference.


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